Author: Dai Vernon
392 pages measuring 9 by 11 1/2 inches
Hardbound with dust jacket
Published in 2008
Price: $75.00

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It's not what you think.

This is not a reprint of our 1984 edition of Revelations, Dai Vernon's legendary annotations for The Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase.

This new, over-size book was triggered by the discovery of more than 160 long-lost photographs of Dai Vernon's hands that were taken in 1961 specifically to illustrate this manuscript. It is as close as you will ever get to a personal session with the Professor.

A facsimile reproduction of the entire, original typed Revelation manuscript.

Dai Vernon's annotations and the newly discovered photos of his hands have been inserted into the relevant sections of the original Expert at the Card Table text.

Plus more than 100 pages of added material including Vernon's explanation (with photos) of Topping the Deck, Walter Scott's Second Deal and Double Belly Cut, the Ping Pong Shift, The Hop, Allen Kennedy's legendary Center Deal and more.

392 over-size pages with a beautiful dustjacket.

The book itself measures 9 by 11.5 inches with 392 pages and a beautiful The book, bound in green cloth and stamped with copper foil, and the beautiful dustjacket were designed by Michael Albright.

The 150 copies of the deluxe edition sold out in four days but because of a problem with the slipcases, we ended up with 150 extra slipcases. The original slipcases would not fit the leather-bound deluxe edition, but (after removing two leather tabs inside the slipcase) they did hold a regular edition without the dust jacket. Because of all the people who were disappointed after missing out on the deluxe edition, we decided to create this SPECIAL REGULAR EDITION.

The SPECIAL REGULAR EDITION consists of a regular copy of the book (without the dust jacket) and tipped onto the title page is the beautiful photo of Dai Vernon taken in 1939 by photographer Hal Phyfe. The book is housed in a beautiful, leather-covered slipcase that has been foil stamped with "Revelation Dai Vernon." The contrast of the card-table green cloth on the spine of the book with the rich, green leather on the slipcase, looks spectacular.

Make no mistake, these are not deluxe editions. There is no leather on the spine, no limitation number, no dustjacket, and no Dai Vernon playing card. These are special regular editions and the price is $100 plus $5 postage ($24 postage to Canada, $40 International).

The book is a visual joy – a design that is never clever for its own sake, but provides ingenious, tasteful, and sophisticated solutions to genuine problems presented by the content. The results are breathtaking, and the totality of the effect amounts to a profoundly important historical artifact, an essential manual of our craft fleshed out with exciting new discoveries, all delivered in a package that amounts to a publishing object d'art. Jamy Swiss – Genii magazine.

The book is, indeed, a revelation. It is quite amazing that a book written in 1902 should be revelant to the serious student of card magic today, but it is. The new volume makes the material much easier to digest, and is an outstanding production in every way. Matt Field – The Magic Circular.

Two legends of card magic united in a superbly produced book. Thank you for publishing it, a magical highlight of my life. – Roy Walton

Revelation arrived and it is truly a work of art. Thank you so much for publishing it. – John Dale

WOW!!!  It's so beautiful, I was almost scared to read it – I didn't want to get fingermarks on such a lovely object! – Dave Jones

It is gorgeous!!! I am really happy about it. MANY THANKS to everybody who made possible the realization of this "piece of art." – Stefano Rezzonico

Revelation is a masterpiece of the highest order, one of the finest books on any subject that I have ever seen. – Gordy Rush

This book is a work of art. Mike Caveney and Michael Albright have given us a gift. – David Regal

I am a printer by trade and just had to let you know, in my humble opinion, this book is probably the most beautiful and well thought out designed magic book I own–and I own hundreds. Thank you again. – Peter Cuccia

Received the book last Wednesday. It's a museum piece!  Thanks! – Bryan So

I've never seen a book on magic that comes even close to this one in terms of bookbinders art, author's knowledge, or publisher's final product. It's as close to a perfect magic book as I suspect I'll ever see. – Roger M.

The first copy arrived and I was so impressed I ordered another one. The book is fantastic. – Tony Wood

Magnificent! Thanks for producing a masterpiece. Being a collector of all kinds of books it is really a joy when you see a production such as yours, from the all cloth binding to the endpapers and the wonderful contents, this is just first rate all around. – Joe Naud

Dear sweet Jesus . . . it is stultifying! You and the crew that worked so very hard on it have outdone yourselves. I don't deserve to have a copy of this book. I will read it again and again. – Kent Gunn

It's just exquisite! By far, it's the most sophisticated magic book I've ever seen. – Scott Hamilton

... the contents, the photos and the layout are superior. Your book has motivated me and made it possible to learn from the master.  Thank you for all of your efforts to get this produced. – Gary Mandelblatt