The Milbourne Christopher Library 1589 – 1900 (Volume I)

Author: George Hansen and Maurine Christopher
160 pages
8x11 inches
Hardbound with dust jacket.
Published in 1994
Price: $45

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  • The Milbourne Christopher Library 1589 – 1900 (Volume I)
  • The Milbourne Christopher Library 1589 – 1900 (Volume I)

All magic historians and collectors have heard of Milbourne Christopher's legendary library but few had the opportunity to examine the countless rarities it contained. Now, Mr. Christopher invites you to leisurely study every bibliographic detail of his lifetime collection of rare conjuring books. The monumental job of cataloging this important collection was undertaken by Maurine Christopher who relied heavily on the experience of George Hansen. Over the course of many years they listed over four thousand books, catalogues and magazines.

Volume I contains 160 pages and lists over 1,100 of Christopher's oldest titles (including foreign language) dating from 1589 to 1900. Many entries include interesting notes that Christopher (or some other famous, previous owner) has penciled inside. It features 24 pages of photographic plates showing the covers or title pages of many of Christopher's most prized books.